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The Mart allows you to create, access, and configure data marts. Create your marts using data in your ODS layer, existing marts, and user defined parameters, and attach one or multiple run schedules. Augmenting data mart generation and the associated processes increases accuracy, speed, and minimizes human error, ensuring all dependent components are always up to date.

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Create Data Marts

The Mart is your data mart management hub. Define data mart metadata and SQL, set up notifications contacts, add run schedules, and view dependencies, all through a user friendly interface.

Dependencies and Lineage

As you define your data marts in our in-built SQL editor, the dependencies and lineage are extracted automatically. Having robust change management strategies in place can significantly affect business outcomes, and we believe in a proactive approach. Easy to maintain data lineage strategies are also crucial for adhering to compliance requirements such as GDPR. Locate sensitive, corrupt, or out of date data with ease, saving time and resources by taking the dull repetitive tasks out of your team’s hands.

Run History

A detailed log and informative dashboard give you a full overview of all data mart activity. Easily discover blocked or failed runs, and keep track of completed and upcoming jobs.